Saturday, July 12, 2014

What this blog is all about

NOTICE: This blog is meant for those "hard-cases". The disaffected masses of men who are clueless about dating. The men who stubbornly assert that they don't need any help or any advice, as their dating lives are in shambles or non-existent. This blog is for those hard cases and "chumps" who want or need to get to a basic level of understanding of dating that would bring them to at least the "average" or "normal" level. Needless to say, its for the virgins, or the guys who have had less than say, 3 girlfriends in their lives. Maybe you've been through a dry spell, or just had hardly anything at all, but this blog is meant for you if you identify with this. The guy who is left with Rosie Palm at the end of the night, but even the five sisters may not be cooperating. If you're skeptical, let me ask you a question. Who would you turn to? Men's dating advice is primiarly skewed towards an average level and who want to get the "model 10's". You ask your female friends or sisters and they advise you to relax and keep waiting until someone comes along (more on that later). You're left where you started, with nothing. So I hope this blog fills that gap - between basic social skills with dating and the skeezier "pickup" advice that's out there on the web. Of course, I will cover a lot of topics including my opionions of that in detail as well. So let's get started...

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